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Kingspan Door Components S.A.
Zone Industrielle de l'Europe 1A
B-7900 Leuze-en-Hainaut

Tel: +32 (0) 69 45 24 60
Fax: +32 (0) 69 86 82 20

EasyPass Door System

Five reasons to choose Kingspan EasyPass

An EasyPass Door, allows safe and secure access without having to open the whole garage door. Built into your garage door, offering a very practical solution for anyone who visits their garage frequently on foot or has a house door entrance from inside the garage itself.

Easy to Install

The EasyPass system is
supplied in kit form which is
very easy to install. There is
no time lost by cutting or
assembling profiles making
it very easy to install, only

taking between 2 and 4h.

The EasyPass system is
completely fingersafe.
Utilising the FingerSafe
joint detail to prevent risk
of injury during the
movement of the panels.

The external aluminium
profiles fit flushly to the
door panels making them
very discrete. They are
also very easy to paint to
match or contrast your
chosen door panels.

Easy Access
The low threshold allows
easy access in or out of
the garage. The threshold
is only 30 mm, decreasing
the risk of tripping and
making it easy to drive
wheels over.

Built with a standard 4 point
locking system, offering
outstanding security against

burglar intrusion. Also, as
the door opens outwards,
it is a lot more resistant to

forced entry.

Appealing | Practical | Secure

Wide availability:

  • Available in 860 mm or 1050 mm width
  • Available for any door panel height (500 mm and 610 mm panel)
  • Positioning of the EasyPass door, either to one side or in the centre of the garage door
EasyPass Leaflet EasyPass Leaflet
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