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Kingspan Door Components

Zone Industrielle de l'Europe 1A
B-7900 Leuze-en-Hainaut

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The THERMALsafe door features the best values in terms of air permeability classification – class 4, the first to date on the sectional door market, and superior U value – thermal performance of an average, 22% better than a standard sectional door.

There is little doubt that there is an increasing demand for improved thermal performance in a sectional door. In meeting this challenge effectively, one must address the thermal conductivity performance (U value) of the door in tandem with the air permeability of the door system. Merely addressing one of these is no longer enough.

Over the course of several years, Kingspan has developed its THERMALsafe foam technology which offers extremely low thermal conductivity. This development meets one critical point of the THERMALsafe door.

However, there is often confusion over true U value performance of an insulated panel and in many cases the panel joints and other areas of cold bridging are not dealt with properly, or even not included in published U values. This is to say, nothing of air leakage through the side seals, panel joints or top and bottom of the door.

With its THERMALsafe door, Kingspan has met the challenge on all these aspects through:
  • THERMALsafe foam provides the best performance in terms of thermal insulation
  • THERMALsafe panel joints ensure a proper Thermal break in the joint, eliminating cold bridges, and an enhanced air leakage seal performance
  • Patented THERMALsafe side seal offering improved Thermal performance and air leakage reduction
  • THERMALsafe endcaps to ensure no cold bridging through the sides of the door
  • THERMALsafe top and bottom profile to ensure no cold bridging through the top and bottom of the door
The result? A U value for the complete door that is typically, 22% better than a standard sectional door and a class 4 air permeability value, the first to date on the sectional door market.

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